Target Audiences and Eligibility

Who are the Summer School’s target audiences?

  • Students :
    • Graduate students in Engineering, Environment, Geography, Communication, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences or other related fields.
  • Professionals :
    • Public Service employees specializing in public health or safety, meteorology or communication
    • Scientists and researchers working in the field of hydrometeorological risk management.

What are the prerequisites for a student to be eligible for the Summer School?

  • Two prerequisites :
    1. Be enrolled in a masters or doctoral study program at a university ;
    2. Have an agreement with your supervisor on the directed work activity that has to be realized to obtain the three related credits.

Can Bachelor students enroll in the Summer School?

In the event that there are places left, depending on your interest in participating in the Summer School and after reviewing your field, you may be eligible for participation.

You can send us an email application request (ecole@sca.uqam.ca) briefly indicating the reasons why you want to participate. Your name will be placed on a waiting list and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Terms of Registration

What are the terms of registration?

  • For all participants (eligible students and professionals) :
  • For eligible students :
    • You must also register and pay the regular registration fees to the registrar of your university.

What is the course number for registration?

  • SCA7300 Activités dirigées

Are taxes and registration fees included in the price?

  • For professionals: Taxes and registration fees are included.
  • For students: Taxes are included, but registration fees have to be paid to the registrar of your university.
Certification and Accreditation

What certification or accreditation can be obtained from participating in the Summer School?

  • For professionals : Certification by the Société de Formation et d’Éducation Continue (SOFEDUC) issued by UQAM:http://www.sofeduc.ca/fr/index.php
  • For students : Three graduate credits (masters and doctorate)

Does participation in the Summer School require the production of a paper that will be evaluated?

To get the credits associated with your participation in the Summer School, you must realize a directed work activity. It will be assessed by your supervisor upon completion and must be defined and accepted prior to your participation.

How can I get the associated credits recognized in my program?

At the end of the Summer School, you will have a directed work activity to give to your supervisor for assessment. Make sure you have a tacit or official agreement about the work you have to produce.

In the registration form, enter the name and email of your supervisor and a message will be sent their way to notify them of your registration.

What are the steps to follow for students whose university is not part of the Réseau des universités du Québec?

For the credits obtained through the Summer School to be recognized in your program, you must obtain an agreement from CREPUQ. You will find the terms at the following address: https://mobilite-cours.crepuq.qc.ca/4DSTATIC/FRAccueil.html

You can also contact the registrar’s office of your home institution : https://mobilite-cours.crepuq.qc.ca/4DSTATIC/FRContactRegistraire.html

Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us at: ecole@sca.uqam.ca