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Training will take place over five days in June 2015 (8 to 12) and registration will be from February 2015.

You can request access the necessary registration form with the following link:

Note : As an employee at UQAM, you have access to training and development activities whose costs are partially (or fully) paid for by UQAM. For more information, please visit this link and complete the information directly on the website : UQAM Human Resources

The cost of registration is $100 for students and $1,000 for professionals.

Students will benefit from the granting of university credits depending on their academic status (Course number SCA7300).

For the professionals, a certification by the Society of Training and Continuing Education (SOFEDUC) will be issued by UQAM, recognizing the number of continuous education units (CEUs) corresponding to the training received.

If you have any question, please visit our ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ section of send a message to the following address: