The Summer school program will be aligned according to the following fields of expertise:

  • The general principles on Disaster Risk Reduction;
  • Weather and climate products and tools;
  • Weather warnings and meteorological warning systems
  • Multidisciplinary training in disaster risk
  • Decision-making at the local level
  • Response to crisis and case studies (eg. Flood)
  • Coordination of Operations (Public Safety)
  • Risk coverage (damage insurance)
  • Management and Emergency Response
  • Adaptation to weather risks (infrastructure, transport and health)
  • The challenges of risk communication
  • Planning Communications
  • Media Relations


Other information:

  • Simultaneous translation in English (available if required) for the plenaries;
  • Format: Presentations and plenaries in the morning (English or French) and workshops in the afternoon (French);
  • For information: